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Founded in 1949
Manufacturers of Vegetable Oils
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We manufacture raw oils through our process and we also trade other raw and refined oils.

Vegetable Oils range:
    Coconut Oil
    Palm Oil
    Palm Kernel Oil
    Soya Oil (IP and Organic)
    Rapeseed Oil
    Sunflower Oil
    Peanut Oil
    Milk Thistle Oil
    Safflower Oil
    Corn Germ Oil
    Linseed Oil

Animal Oil range:
    Fish Oil
    Animal Fat

Our Oils can be supplied in bulk (tank road truck, ISO tank container or flexitanks), 200 litre drums or in 1000 litre IBC tanks.

Oils and fats are intended for the following final uses:
    Refining for foodstuff or animal feed.
    Compound animal feed manufacturing.
    Aquaculture feed manufacturing.
    Pet food manufacturing.
    Chemical product manufacturing (detergents, textiles, lubricants, etc.)
    Paint, ink and resin manufacturing .

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