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Founded in 1949
Manufacturers of Vegetable Oils
Elaboración ecológica
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Organic Processing

In 2003 we started processing organic oilseeds from Organic Agriculture, mainly soya, sunflower and rapeseed. We commercialise all our production in the Spanish and EU markets. We have all the required certifications by the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Agricultural Production) in accordance with CEE 2092/91 regulations.

Our Company carefully selects and supervises our oilseed, cereal and grain suppliers and in the case of our organic production, they are certified by control organisations duly authorised for that purpose which carry out traceability supervisions and certify their production systems so that our products are under the UE Regulations CEE 2092/91.

We are certified by CCPAE, the supervision organisation in Catalonia in charge of inspections.

Controls in each phase of our production and commercialisation processes allow us to comply with the technical requirements of our clients, which allow us to maintain our products’ quality and identity.

In sum, our quality system guarantees that our products keep their 100% ecological quality. For that purpose we are extremely careful with our supplier selection through extremely rigorous control processes and at the same time work for long lasting commercial relationships through long-term supply contracts.

We specialise in the organic processing of organic soya beans, rapeseed and sunflower seed. With them, we produce organic oils and organic expellers cakes.

Organic Range:
   Soya beans
   Cereals and protein products.

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