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Founded in 1949
Manufacturers of Vegetable Oils
Environment and Social Responsibility

We are committed to the environment and its sustainability. Our company is 100% ecological, since we do not use any chemical products and our production processes do not generate polluting residues. We keep water use to a minimum and recycle it in the production processes.

Our production process is certified for the elaboration and processing of organic vegetable oils by CCPAE in Catalonia.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. is a member of APECPAE, The Association of Producers, Manufacturers, and Commercializers of Organic Agri-food Products of Catalonia, where we favour the development of local products to give more added value to the organic agriculture locally.

At the same time we participate actively in the development of Organic agriculture in Africa and South America, especially concerning those productions that cannot be developed in Europe due to natural or climatic conditions.

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. | c/.Priorat, s/n - P.O. Box 4, Polígono Industrial La Borda, 08140 Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona)
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