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Founded in 1949
Manufacturers of Vegetable Oils
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Our crushing and processing technology is based on full press through continuous mechanical pressing machines with drainage box. Oilseeds are previously subjected to a conditioning process, which includes grinding, flaking and heating processes through indirect steam to cause the break up of oil-containing cells.

The crushing system with continuous presses through full pressing and previously combined with the oilseed cooking process reduces their humidity when entering into the presses and at the same time sterilises the raw materials, causing the final product to be extraordinarily digestible, since it has been under high temperatures during the process. This technology gives our final products the possibility to be part of formulations as raw material for feeds for monogastric animals, pet food and extrusion feed.

We do not use any raw materials which contain GMOs in any of our industrial processes, and no chemical products are used in the production processes.

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