Quality and certifications


Quality department

Aceites de Semillas, S.A. has a Quality Department and a Laboratory in the plant, composed of professionals and equipped with the most modern equipment to offer our customers the maximum contractual quality control of our products.

The laboratory has the means for NIR analyses, wet chemical analyses of proteins, fats, fibers, moisture, analyses of undesirable substances (mycotoxins, salmonellae, ureases), and analyses of GMOs, pesticides and pest control agents. Official analyses are outsourced to first-class laboratories accredited by ENAC and other international quality organizations.

Calidad y certificaciones

Quality control

In our facilities, we perform continuous physicochemical analyses at raw material receipt, monitoring of intermediates and final products (NIRS analyzer and moisture analyzer, urease and protein solubility controls), and temperature controls during seed preparation and pressing. We also perform daily control analyses of urease activity in production. We also perform complete analyses of both raw materials and processed and marketed products by external laboratories accredited by ENAC and GAFTA.

These analyses include: physicochemical parameters (protein, fat, fiber, moisture, ash), GMOs, pesticides, pesticides, melamine, salmonella, urease activity, protein solubility in KOH, heavy metals, aflatoxins and starch, acidity, peroxides.

For all organic products, a double or triple check is carried out with GMO, pesticide and pest control agent analyses.

For products processed in our factory, the raw material is analyzed at the source. As soon as it reaches us, we perform a second analysis to quarantine it until we receive the results.  Only when we are assured that the analyses are correct is the raw material processed. Once the final product is received, a third analysis is performed and it is quarantined again until the results are received. Once we have received and verified the results of this last analysis, we move on to distribution.

We ensure complete control of the TRACEABILITY from our suppliers to the end customer.